Friday, April 03, 2009

Old Colonial Designs Casket

I have wanted on of these from Sampler Cove published her fist Quaker casket chart. I have three charts for this now.
The Drawn Thread CICI'S SEWING CASKET, Sampler Cove Quaker Casket and Spanish Casket by Wild Hearts Designs. Therefore I splurged and bought the darn thing, now to stich the pieces. Wish me luck I'm gonna need it.


Patti said...

Oh Gwen you are so lucky to have one of these. They are just so expensive I can't justify getting one at least until I have done the stitching for the whole thing. But right now I am so into stitching smalls that I can't see it happening. I can't wait to see this finished though. Love Patti xxx

earthtripgirl said...

I've looked everywhere for the casket box. Where did you find it? Please let me know if you can earthtripgirl@yahoo thanks!