Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter Decorations/Sampler Stash Collection

I have no idea why these eggs photographed like this but I love this basket
Tree with eggs.
The beautiful blogs on the net can be a bad influence. Look what they have done to me. I have purchase many wonderful charts and now need to convert some to NPI. I have more projects than I will do in two life times. They give me pleasure. Somedays I just love to sit in my stash room and go through all my containers. I have been stitiching since the late seventies.

Thanks for the visit


Deb said...

These blogs are definitely dangerous. I haven't had mine for very long, but oh, the trouble I've gotten into seeing all the great finishes and stash acquisitions. BTW, your acquisitions look great. You'll have hours of great stitching time with them!

Patti said...

I love what you bought but most of all I love your egg tree. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Marian said...

This is so COOL! Believe it or not, I have missed you. Hope all is going well. We're still repairing damage from Gustav and it's getting to be THAT time again.

Donna said...

Marian sent me to look at your blog. It is wonderful! I love all your Easter stuff.
I too just love looking at my stash sometimes, wondering what I will make with, how it will look finished, etc.
Welcome to the stash club!

Julie said...

Just hopped over from Marians to have a peek at your lovely work.

Happy Stitching

Siobhan said...

Very nice Easter decorations! Love those eggs. :) Great stash haul, too. I know what you mean about blogging being dangerous! ;)

Jan said...

Blogging is dangerous, but oh so much fun! Kudos to your Easter decorations, enjoy all of that new stash, too, Gwen!:)