Monday, September 28, 2009

In Search Of

Hello friends I'm insearch of this chart. Willing to purchase or trade.
Thanks Gwen

Visiting and Finishing

I have been visiting many bloggs lately, just checking ou what everybody is stitching. It's amazing the different styles and taste of the stitching blogging community. I enjoy visitng them all. The needle,thread and fabric is a wonderful canvas upon which to create beauty. Many of the designers have their own bloggs.I especially like visiting the Blackbird one. The talent out there is amazing.

Here is my progress of The Riddle. I found the informattion for the stitch along on the Swans website and though to follow the lessions. It was very helpful. Lynn who is an excellent stitcher lead the group last year. You have to be a member to join the group.

While cruising the web I came upon the Dyeing to Stitch website and found this tree with the skirt. I though to use it for my Blackbird Halloween stockings and other halloween ornaments. The tree and skirt came from the same place. They both are very beautiful.

I finished Halloween Spot by the Trilogy. The fabric is what I shall use to finish it, as a small pillow.

I tried my hand at finishing. I love the stockings by Blackbird this is form the April stocking book. The Angel in the picture is our guardian angel. She sit on the coffee table. She is one of the LLADRO pieces save from Katrina.

Last but not least are some of the stockings I have finshed from the Halloweeen stocking book. I have chosen my fabric,now to finish them before Halloween. In the picture are a few of the grouds we purchased for decoration this season.

Thanks for visiting I'm off to increase by stash. The St Charles Market was this weekend gone.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


A few Blackbird design finishes.


Just a few stitched pieces for fall. I have to decide what to do pillows or framing.

Hello Again

Sorry friends and visitors long time no post. I have been busy at working, and my blogging mojo has left me. I bought a new car. I love the car hate the monthly note LOL. My last SUV was 15 years and 8 months old. I just have to get use to the car note.