Friday, February 06, 2009

Framing, Stash and Valentine Decorations

Thanks for all my visitors. It's always fun to see a note.
It is time for framing. I may have to rethink this because Nashville is here. I enjoyed stitching on all these projects very much.
Drema had Glorianna on sale and I took very good advantage of that. She now has the Belle Soie on sale may have to spend some on that.
This a little decorative area in my bedroom for Valentine. Until later, I hope everybody have a safe and fun filled weekend.


Patti said...

Gwen I love your stash - it is totally brilliant! I love Gloriana threads. I have never seen the Belle Soie although I think my friend Sandra has some of it so I'll look at hers and decide then. Thanks for sharing. Patti xxx

WendyJo said...

Gwen have fun with your new stash and I love your valentinve decorations!